Eating in Style

We swapped our travel luggage for trunks full of hand-selected head-to-toe looks
Photo Credit: Alana Yolande

When we're not traveling around the world, we're doing our next favorite thing: eating and drinking our way through the city. And, as good as we are at packing for a trip, having someone else select our head-to-toe looks for dining out and everyday adventures has been a dream.

Thanks to Trunk Club, we were paired with a stylist--a real life person--who handpicks clothes based on our style, budget, and fit preferences. We keep what we love and return what we don't, at no charge.
Photo credit: Pho by Mo
Whether it's a business lunch or a casual bite at a cafe, they have incredible brands and a ton of variety to match any occasion.
Photo credit: Pho by Mo
And it's not only clothes! There's shoes, bags, jewelry and other accessories to ensure you're confidently styled from the office to happy hour.
Photo credit: Pho by Mo
With so many options curated just for us - plus outfit guides to mix and match the looks - we don't have to worry about being stylish when dining out. And that's a good thing, because we're usually more concerned about what to order next! See how you can get a personal stylist too.

Learn more about Trunk Club here.